Professional Achievement

(Company & Personal)

CTW-ES is one of the companies certified by the Council of Engineers to confirm that we carry out professional engineering work under the supervision of the Act, which is the central regulatory body for engineering services in Thailand.


In addition, CTW-ES has been certified by the Ministry of Energy to carry out inspections, energy analysis, and annual energy reports for private sector organizations to promote the use of clean energy and energy conservation according to Thailand’s carbon neutral goal.


CTW-ES continues to promote and develop personnel within the organization. both theoretical and practical professional knowledge Project management skills and safety in construction So that personnel can apply various knowledge to work continuously and sustainably.

Look Beyond

CTW Engineering Solutions Co., Ltd. is dedicated to advancing sustainable development through the enhancement of services and personnel expertise.

We focus on sustainable energy development, making enhancements to mechanical and electrical systems within factories to achieve modernization.

Our efforts aim to decrease environmental emissions, enabling us to enter the realm of the Green Industry and uphold the principles of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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